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Warm welcome, dear customer! Smart Canadian Pharmacy offers a combination of the most essential shopping criteria such as low cost and sustainable quality. Our company started as a platform for bringing together recommendations for the best pharmacy e-tailers, but we have expanded in a significant way since then. Driven by passionate desire to include every possible service and product in our work, we have managed to become a crossroads for drug reviews, informative portal and overall a secured pharmacy shopping area that easily outscores competition.

But the unique service our online pharmacy provides is actually the ultimate shopping security that we create. We make it possible engaging a handful of ingenious tools that create a protected and failproof shopping environment. If what has been stopping you from ordering drugs online is the anxiety associated with security and authenticity concerns, we wipe those away. You don’t have to worry any longer about the quality of your pills or shipping discreetness, no more want for better informativity. Our company is hardwired to put you through to trustworthy and reliable drug suppliers, restoring your faith in the benefits of online shopping.

The take-home message is that we give out visitors the opportunity to see how Generic Viagra prices stack up off different retailers online – same as prices for other pills, land best deals from verified drugstores, learn unbiased professional and user opinions on drugs and share their own experiences experiences, participate in loyalty programs and do much more. We have barely scratched the surface of our services. We hope you stay with us a while longer to discover even more ways in which our brand can benefit you.


As you undoubtedly have figured out by now, our pharmacy is one hell of a utilitarian resource. You can use it on the run as an ultimate cheap drug finder, or take your time and browse the information-packed pages at length to discover tons of useful materials about drugs, pharmacies, conditions and lifestyles. Whichever is your errand today, you can depend that here it will be taken care of by experts.


The highlights that can be mentioned as SCP’s most prominent utility points are as follows:

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And here is what you get as bonuses:

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With a pack of features like the above, it is hardly surprising that our pharmacy has become a fast favorite with customers and a pharmacy world trailblazer. The platform is used in every corner of the world by frugal customers who know how important it is to stay updated on price fluctuations in order to save money like a pro. It is with the help of our price finder service that most of frugal living gurus track and bag best value sets and products. But our resource reveals itself as a truly inestimable asset to those who need unbiased and reliable references to quality online drugstore services. Read on to learn how our service has become industry’s latest buzzword and a game changer – and what’s in it for you.



When an online store takes no proper measures for protecting their clientele’s personal information, the outcomes can range anywhere between unwanted mail bombarding and credit card fraud. The vulnerability of private data and sensibility of such cannot be underestimated, and therefore we are see it as our primary concern to provide due protection for database systems and information storages.

The first fundamental step that we take in order to ensure the immunity of personal information that our subscribers share with us is using the strongest encryption and security protocols available. They are designed and maintain%d in good function by professionals with expertise in the field.

The next tool that we implement in order to safeguard sanctity of information is high ethical and moral standards. No circumstances will give us grounds for sharing your private data with a third party, selling/disclosing it or otherwise making it known to anyone for whom it has not been intended to be revealed.

We have stern rules when it comes down to spam policies. Unless you are a registered subscriber who has willingly opted for newsletters, there is no way you can receive any emails from our service. The moment you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter list, you can follow the corresponding link in your inbox or let us know via email about your change of heart. The process is totally hassle-free and takes us but a few minutes. In case you still have any questions regarding our newsletter policy, check out our FAQ section or send us an email with your query.

And finally, we only refer our customers to e-tailers that have proved to be scrupulous in terms of storing and managing personal details of their shoppers. Health information, as well as health itself, is a fragile matter; we handle it with care. The importance of our scrupulousness becomes even more prominent when you consider the nature of our specialization – more on this below.



Designed to be so critical in terms of self-esteem, and yet so vulnerable, sexual health is what we concern ourselves with the most. The reasons for the choice of our specialty may not be so obvious at the first glance, but they appear to be the more well-grounded the closer you consider the present situation with price formation and insurance coverage. An important factor is also that impotence is not regarded as a condition that calls for an immediate coverage by medical insurance, despite practitioners’ stressing the importance of timely introduced therapeutic measures for maintenance of good function in future, as well as overall role of sexual health in general wellbeing.

The prices for medicines such as Generic Viagra in Canada and the USA are therefore going steadily up instead of decreasing over time. The drugs are referred to as lifestyle medicines, which implies that their role is not that of an indispensable therapy, and undermines their value for a person’s health. Our resource addresses this existing disparity with all seriousness and dedication. It is our goal to make ED treatments accessible across the strata, on the other end of economical spectrum, bridging the gap of this polarity that divides patients with different financial possibilities. We discover robust under-radar manufacturers of good quality Viagra Online and other ED pills that pile their produce high and sell cheap – all of this with a firm guarantee of safety and efficiency symmetrical to brand products.

But the parity that we at online pharmacy are after does not limit itself by budgetary circumstances; the field of our expertise reaches way further, pushing the limits set by age. It is a popular (and erratic!) belief that sexual function declines with age, no matter what, and bad lifestyle choices might be mentioned as morbific factors for ED patients, but the date of birth on one’s ID card wreaks havoc even more predictably.

So how about that permanent Benjamin-Button effect on your sexual potential? With high quality tools available through our network of services, their responsible implementation and qualified medical supervision provided by your healthcare practitioner, the possibilities of maintaining great sexual function at any age are unlimited. Our service is your unfailing source for first-line defence drugs against male impotence. We help you locate the best generic Viagra products at the most attractive prices, and make sure your shopping experience is smooth, safe and effective. Want to learn more about generic drugs and their benefits? Scroll down!


In this section we unravel a litany of myths surrounding generic drug forms – for those of you who still feel uncertain about giving them a try. So here are five most popular questions about generics that patients ask their prescribers:

What are Generics?

Whenever a drug is not produced by the original developer or a pharmaceutical company that does not own the original name copyright, it is referred to as generic. As simple as that – it’s all in the name. The most vivid instance of brand vs. generic drug is, perhaps, aspirin. Produced by hundreds of different manufacturers around the world, this medical substance, generically called aspirin, has been given a magnitude of brand names which we cannot list here for the reasons of copyright law conformity, but which, we are certain, come to your mind instantaneously. Each time you need a refill of aspirin for your medicine cabinet, your pharmacist will offer you a slew of drugs to choose from, the only difference between them being manufacturer and price. But do you really care who made the simple pill that will decrease your inflammation? Not really. Would you pay for it as much as tenfold more if it is produced by a pharmaceutical company with a resonant name? We don’t think so.

Are Generics the Same as the Brand Drugs?

Since the only difference between generics and brand drugs lies with attributes subjected to copyright, such as name, color, shape, etc., and the formula remains unchanged, the effects, safety and instructions for use remain unchanged, too. You need not worry for this part; the content of every drug that hits the market is closely monitored by respective authorities. Your prescriber will most often give you the names of both generic and brand drugs to choose from – and this speaks volumes on reliability of generic medications.

Why Generic Drugs are So Much Cheaper?

To answer this question, we need to look at a big picture of the stages of drug development. A drug’s existence starts with researching stage which calls for a considerable amount of investment to be made on the part of the developer. When the drug’s formula is finalized, there follows the testing stage, which also involves expenditures. Once the drug is approved and patented, it is time to invest into marketing tools and events. All of this is included in the final price of the product that the original developer establishes. But that’s not all – in order to continue the research work and come up with new drugs consistently, laboratories need to infringe the cost of their ongoing and future developing costs into the price of their existing drugs, and so the pharmaceuticals are not likely to low-ball their price policy even for drugs that have been around for decades. In case with generic drug manufacturers, most of the stages are non-relevant, and so the price is formed only based on materials used and workforce employed.

Why Do Generic Drugs Look Different From The Original Ones?

This question has been answered in part above. The appearance of a tablet, package, the marketing name of the drug (but not its generic drug name) are all owned by the original developer. They can be bought in certain cases, but most commonly a generic drug manufacturer makes a point of making the drug’s price as low as possible, and therefore the name and appearance of the original drug are sacrificed for better quality and accessibility.

Do Generic Have Reliable Quality?

This is a bit tricky, as you might guess. Since the brand drugs are more difficult to counterfeit and they look much more blatant when they are fake, it is generics that are most commonly compromised. In this connection, generic drugs should be chosen with outmost caution. There are reputable and rogue manufacturers out there, and oftentimes it is rather challenging to tell them apart. Rule of thumb here is that if it is too cheap to be true, it is too cheap to be any good. Do not put your health on the line. Do not deal with retailers that look shady. When in doubt, use the services of Smart Canadian Pharmacy for an absolute guarantee of genuine quality and safety and bear with us for more insider tips on sourcing affordable ED drugs and implementing them with maximal effectiveness.



When all is said and done in terms of getting diagnosed and you have your diagnosis in ink, it is crucial not to lose any time at that point. Statistically, men who start getting effective impotence treatment manage to get back on track much sooner and with minimal consequences. And contrarily, delays in getting medicated and undermedication can cause erectile shrinkage and compromise the chances for successful therapy. Yes, we feel you, getting the expensive treatment may not be an immediate thing on your budget list. But we are here to recalibrate the way you think about Viagra price in Canada.

Most commonly, men diagnosed with ED (erectile dysfunction) are prescribed Viagra (sildenafil citrate). The cost of this drug is about as notorious as the drug is famous, and it is not covered by standard health insurance plan. So here is why we are so densely populated by subscribers of all caliber: we live up to people’s expectations for better price on popular ED drugs like Viagra, Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their derivatives. Please feel free to check out the prices compared off multiple sources from all over the Web and proceed to their websites for placing an order – or simply take a tour and learn about your options. Remember that all is not lost, and we are committed to increasing multifold your chances of getting treated in good time. For now, please feel free to learn more about great products that will help you get back to normal within the shortest time frame.


viagraTrends for non-conventional medicine can be in and out, but in terms of traditional medicine the all-time classics of ED remain the same: Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their pharmacological forms are the pillars of impotence therapy advised all around the world. They are powerful, they are mean, they are reliable and they are people’s choice solutions for fighting the signs of erectile dysfunction at any age, across social strata.

Pretty impressive, eh? Especially when we consider the multitude of other treatments available for impotence patients, such as mechanical objects, intrapenile injections, surgery and pumps. Still, oral ED solutions like Viagra are still going strong and giving no signs of decrease in popularity. According to statistic data collected by Center For Urology And Men’s Health in the University of Utah, 80% of men point out that they are devout users of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra as their first-line ED defence.

The basics of ED medication can rev up your sexual function within minutes, but there are keys to using them even more successfully. The initial advice is to use them according to your prescriber’s recommendations – and choose the dosage, as well as the pharmacological form, with consideration. A great help is that Generic Viagra and other ED drugs come in so many forms that customizing your treatment will feel like a walk in a park. Scroll down for some editorial picks and tips to take your ED routine effectiveness a step further.


When the industry’s leading pharmacy technicians dish on their secrets of what’s hot and what’s not in today’s approach to restoring good sexual function, the one thing that invariably pops up is Viagra (sildenafil citrate). The role of this drug in ED treatment is indispensable: only 5% of men drop out of its use in favor of other solutions, according to numbers crunched in the course of University of Utah polling.

Viagra has many endearing monikers and nicknames to it, which speaks volumes in favor of its popularity: the Diamond Pill, the Love Pill, the Magic Blue Pill… But at the same time, Viagra has become a sort of a common name for any sexual amplifier. This is not altogether correct though: Viagra does not act as a libido booster. But this is enough to get the general idea of what an important part of ED managing the blue pill is.

Viagra is taken as needed, that is prior to engaging in sexual activity. After 40-60 minutes allowed for the onset of its effects, man can perform a sexual intercourse that will feel perfectly natural, stable and controllable – in fact, even more controllable than in pre-ED condition. Sildenafil effects will last during 4 hours after the moment of onset, enabling patient to have as many sexual acts as he sees fit.

Viagra side effects are mild to moderate in the beginning of the therapy and pretty transient; in most cases, with continued use they disappear altogether as the body adjusts to the effects of the drug. Most common sildenafil adversities include headache, flushing, diarrhea, temporary change of vision, skin rash, and drop in blood pressure. Viagra should not be used with nitrate containing drugs and alcohol. Only take Viagra if your prescriber rules out such conditions as heart disease, kidney or liver insufficiency, retinitis pigmentosa, priapism, Peyronie’s disease, stomach or duodenum ulcer, and a number of other diseases.

Give full details of your medical history to your prescriber, as well as the list of currently used drugs. Sildenafil dose may need to be adjusted depending on body response and tolerance. Classical Viagra comes in three dosages you can use for this matter: sildenafil 25mg, sildenafil 50mg and sildenafil 100mg. But if you need to really have a bespoke medication pattern, generic Viagra has a much broader palette of strengths and forms to choose from.


Most of generic Viagra types have been flying under the radar of inexperienced shopper – until now. Check out our top picks for overlooked impotence pills that will allow you to gauge the strength of your therapy and customize it proceeding form the unique needs of every moment. In addition, you will discover how to make your oral pills work for you with maximal efficiency at all times.


Untitled-1-copy-150x150Sildenafil citrate content of Viagra Professional brings the efficiency and usability of the drug to a qualitatively new level. This pill will have your entire ED routine redefined, for its application ensures new possibilities in terms of intensity. Viagra Professional is the choice of men with elevated expectations from their ED remedy. Taken prior to sexual action, this Viagra type will make certain that you can have a stable and controllable erection every time that you wish for an intercourse to take place. Time needed for sexual recharges is minimized. Vigour and stamina are taken to new limits, and overall performance is given a major rehab. Viagra Professional is a number one bestseller at Smart Canadian Pharmacy.

Viagra Professional advantages:

  • Increased efficiency, even in serious ED cases;
  • State-of-art precision of action;
  • Shortened recharge periods;
  • Improved stamina;
  • Minimal side effects.


viagra-super-forceA cutting-edge combination of sildenafil and dapoxetine all rolled in one compact solution, Viagra Super Force. Sildenafil restores a good sexual function, while dapoxetine gives an ultimate control over sexual act duration. Dapoxetine is a patented drug used for addressing the problem of premature ejaculation. Viagra Super Force should be used only as needed. Take a pill 60 minutes before sexual activity. Note that the drug is incompatible with alcohol. Check for the full list of pharmacological contraindications and incompatibilities with your prescriber and manufacturer’s instructions.

Viagra Super Force advantages:

  • Two-fold action against ED and PE;
  • Improved stamina;
  • Longer, better controlled erections;
  • Stepped-up performance;
  • Low side event profile.


Viagra SuperActiveViagra Super Active features a powered-up formula based on sildenafil citrate that brings out an alpha male in man. This pill will help you discover your true sexual potential, enabling you to respond with controllable, stable and hard erection to sexual stimulation. This drug is designed for those leading active sexual life. The pill will surely help you make the right impression on that significant other in your life, qualitatively improving your intimate experience every time you engage sexually.

Viagra Super Active advantages:

  • Robust, heavy-duty effectiveness;
  • Increased responsiveness to sexual stimulation;
  • Improved erectile size;
  • More possibilities to stay sexually active;
  • Tried and true, safe drug formula.


Viagra-soft-tabs-150x150The groundbreaking formula of Viagra Soft Tabs will let you step up your game and beat your odds with compromised erectile function sooner than you have time to say ‘phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor’. Thanks to its soft coating, the pill dissolves under 20 minutes in your stomach and starts producing its medicinal effect almost instantaneously – right what you need to recreate the spontaneity of the moment and fake a totally natural erection. Whenever you are short of time, or whenever you need to play by ear, Viagra Soft Tabs from our pharmacy is your go-to solution that never fails.

Viagra Soft Tabs Advantages:

  • Speedy onset;
  • Quick ED symptoms relief;
  • Stable, controllable erections upon demand;
  • More satisfaction derived from each sexual activity;
  • Safety and reliability in use.


Female-viagra-150x150It’s been almost 20 years in the making, and as of lately, Viagra for women has been finally launched. As becomes obvious from the name, Female Viagra was formulated as a quick solution that addresses multiple issues associated with female sexuality. Female Viagra is capable of creating the right mood, relieving performance anxiety, promoting sexual desire, boosting libido, increasing secretion of lubrication, as well as facilitating climaxing in women with anorgasmic conditions. The drug is taken before anticipated sexual activity. Unlike its counterpart for men’s use, Viagra for women effects are not confined by facilitation of mechanical function, but thanks to the content of natural aphrodisiacs it can also beat the odds with the weak libido and asexuality.

Female Viagra advantages:

  • Increase in sexual drive;
  • Boosted libido and stamina;
  • Optimized lubrication;
  • More powerful orgasms in 88% of sexual acts;
  • Safe use with few side effects.



When you need one ED solution that goes long distance getting your sexuality back on track, Cialis with its supercharged tadalafil formula can’t be beat in terms of duration of action. Generic Cialis effects last up to 36 hours, and during this entire period stable and controllable erections can be achieved upon volition. Cialis is taken as needed when sexual activity is planned. Many men prefer using Cialis on a Friday night for its effects to last throughout the weekend, and therefore its moniker of the Weekend Pill.

The mechanisms of tadalafil (main component in Cialis) are very similar to those of sildenafil contained in Viagra; after all, the drugs belong to the same family of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. But since Cialis addresses a somewhat different set of phosphodiesterase enzymes, its side effects also differ insignificantly. For instance, the most common adverse sensation reported by Cialis users is myalgia (muscle paint), and change in color perception which is so common for Viagra fans is almost non-relevant for tadalafil takers.

The onset on Cialis comes about in under 30 minutes, which is its another irrefutably strong point. But what serves as an ultimate selling factor to the most is the compatibility of Cialis and alcohol. Tadalafil is also celebrated for its being unaffected by concomitant food consumption. All in all, Cialis is a perfectly tailored date pill that can be depended on in any circumstances. Canadian Pharmacy types of generic Cialis will give you even ampler possibilities to choose from, as well as perfect safety.


generic-levitra-300x300The next big ED therapy trend is Levitra, or vardenafil citrate that is contained in generic Levitra as well as in the brand drug. The medicine started getting a lot of street cred shortly after it had left the pipeline and hit the market in 2003 – with minimal amount of side effect, a pill of Levitra provides as much medicinal action as its more aggressive counterparts, Viagra and Cialis. The onset time and duration of action for Levitra are very similar to those of Viagra: you will feel the effects of vardenafil 40-60 minutes into the intake, and will continue to experience them

Levitra kills it in safety arena and is one of Online Pharmacy’s all-time trending products. Vardenafil contained in Levitra will amp up your abilities as a lover, landing you with the ability to achieve and maintain hard and reliable erections, whenever you wish to within the period of 4 hours. It took half a decade for the industry to come up with a solution for ED that met the exacting standards of patient with increased sensitivity to Viagra components, and Levitra filled the bill to the letter.

Generics types of Levitra are all made available (and accessible!) through the price-running services of Online Pharmacy. Pick the one that fits your lifestyle most – but don’t forget to see your prescriber prior to ordering.


Medicine doctor working with modern tablet computer and virtual

Having a great sexual life rocks. But having to take care of pesky details and organizing your budget around smart buys for sexual health is far from being sexy. SCP has got you covered there.

Choosing your drugs with SCP is like enlisting the help of experts in pharmacy and online shopping at your fingertips. You end up spotting and bagging the hottest items for the best quotes from reliable e-drugstores, with unlimited number of membership perks such as bonus points, special offers, VIP access to promotions and clearances, shopping insurance and expert mediation. You get to have the prices from all of the Internet all crunched and compared for you, and the opportunity to make a truly informed choice. You get the guarantee of quality and seller’s good will, as well as access to peer reviews and unbiased customer feedback with no paid for content or write-ups. Foolproof your shopping routine with price locator simple, logical and carefully considered – let us take care of your safety.



If the way your bank balance reads does not really favor that devil-may-care attitude towards shopping, chances are that you are a considerate and wary customer. We all wish to cut down on costs that are not associated with the more pleasant aspects of our lives, and pharmacy expenditures are definitely not on your fun side of the list. What if we told you that there is a thing that makes a huge difference for your budget when you shop for drugs, but that the industry’s spokespersons do not hurry to dish out on? As you might have guessed, this one will once again touch upon the topic of brand and generic Viagra and how they stack up.

Brand Viagra is composed of sildenafil citrate, and so is generic Viagra. The two formulas are identical, and the only difference lies with the manufacturer’s name. So before you shell out valuable dollars to splurge on something that is no different from a much more affordable thing, evaluate your dollar-to-brand ratio. It normally only takes one taking, if the pun can be excused, for the most critical and confirmed customers with a penchant for brand produce to be converted. The difference between generic Viagra and brand Viagra will not be perceived once you swallow the pill and experience its effects, but your budget will certainly feel it.

Our experts will take you through every step of ordering, making sure that you get quality generic Viagra products for the best price, taking the guesswork out of your every shopping session.


viagra-online-480x359When you are positive that you wish to stop haemorrhaging your money for exorbitant prices set for brand meds like Viagra, we can take it from there. A major advantage of using the services of our pharmacy is that we give you a chance to snap up the most popular items before they sell out. But Online Pharmacy takes this experience one step further, safeguarding you at every stage of ordering. For security-conscious shoppers out there, Online Pharmacy is the best value for their money, with all of the items referred to having been checked for quality and consistency. We hand-pick the suppliers whose offers on Generic Viagra and other popular drugs we list on our website. We check them thoroughly for putting their money where their mouth is. So on top of avoiding unnecessary, painful spending, we protect your credit card information, provide the security of your private data and we absolutely guarantee that you will not get any junk messages in your mailbox.

But most importantly though, we makes sure that every step you take while mail-ordering Generic Viagra online remains confidential, from cookies policy to the moment when you receive your pills, packed in a plain unmarked envelope. This is about as much as it takes for an ideal pharmacy shopping experience, does it not?



Need a hand in finding other bestselling or under-the-radar drugs? We’ve got you covered. Our pharmacy can help you snap up the hottest deals on Nolvadex, Amoxicillin,  Clomid and many others that cost a top dollar at actual drugstores, but are easily accessible through the valuable services of our pharmacy. You just use our embedded search button to find what you need, or browse by category. Once you spot the right drug, choose the best price – and don’t forget to scan our front page for discount and promotion codes to bring the low price even lower. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

With our help, you get clearance prices for every item, whenever you find a reseller through Smart Canadian Pharmacy, be it Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or a medicine for any other condition. In that spirit, we wish you happy saving and ask you to lend us some more of your attention and read what your fellow customers have to say about us.


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