About Us

Smart Canadian Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that meets your specific needs with maximal efficiency and at minimal cost. The drugstore was designed to provide ergonomic tool for all of your pharmaceutic needs that fits into tough-pack schedules. Our philosophy is to detect and address the sore spots associated with restricted time and budget. At our pharmacy you can do it on the run thanks to a clockwork system of operating orders that you can depend on. If life is a speed ride, Smart Pharmacy is your pit stop that can refuel, repair and readjust you for a more productive and enjoyable life.

To give you a feel for what it is like to be our customer, let us draw a larger picture of our brand for you. First and foremost, think of what a brand is for you. For many, entrusting their money with a brand of their choice is to take the guesswork out of it. Brand loyalty is all about your being happy with the quality standards imposed by the company, and knowing from experience that such quality of products and services is consistent with the brand you choose. An important thing is that every shopping instance becomes automatic, which means fast and convenient. The tempo of our daily life is upbeat by far, and with so many other things on our mind we all could do with a bit of off-load. This is exactly the philosophy behind Smart Canadian Pharmacy: we perform with excellence, taking the trouble of drugstore refills off your mind with minimal impact on your budget.

Our Golden Rules

It is very important to create a healthy habitat for all our clients and we want to make sure that you are shopping in a very safe and comfortable environment. There are several key aspects of the service that we pay extra attention to.

  • User experienceIt is our main priority to make sure that you can easily find the drug that you are looking for. Each product has its own description page, complementary articles, and a lot of other important information. We also simplified the purchasing process by reducing the number of steps you need to make from choosing the drug to paying for it.
  • Providing high quality serviceWe work our hardest to provide you with all necessary consultations and give you an abundance of delivery options. If you need a proper recommendation from a professional, ask our specialists and they will answer to all your questions in an expansive and all-inclusive manner.
  • Giving you choiceIt is important to be able to compare various drugs to each other before making a decision and purchasing a specific drug. You can easily find similar items in the catalogue and compare them. If you need to try them out, check out special combo offers that will allow you to purchase several different drugs.
  • Offering you good dealsWe try to feature as many drugs from different manufacturers as possible in order to create a competitive environment where strong companies will strive. Affordable drugs that can be purchased in bulks to cut down the price even more – this is something we want to become a norm for the modern pharmaceutical market.
  • Creating a service that would satisfy the vast majority of users is a tough task but we channel all our resources into itWe work on multiple fronts to create a great digital shopping outlet that will dramatically change the way you think about e-commerce and e-pharmacies in particular. If you think that taking a pill of Cialis a day is an expensive luxury, check out our catalogue and find out that you can do it for less than 25 bucks per month.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy will give you a plethora of ways to save on each purchase. From seasonal deals to massive discounts on special occasions and combo offers, the range of possible deals is quite impressive. We also have various packet offers that differ drastically from what you have seen in your land-based pharmacies. Combine all those discounts and special offers with already low prices on generics and even branded drugs and you will have truly great choices with good looking prices.