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Development of technical systems is often a complicated process where one has to take into account many types of requirements. This applies in particular to the protection of personal privacy. In order to avoid pitfalls becoming expensive to remedy afterwards and making it difficult to comply with the privacy standards, it is important to take into account the integrity aspects at an early stage of the process.

Here is how Smart Canadian Pharmacy protect your privacy

privacy smart canadian pharmacySome basic principles of privacy protection engaged in Smart Canadian Pharmacy operations are not to collect more information than needed, do not have it left longer than you need and do not use it for anything other than what you have collected. Informing how the data is to be processed, requesting consent and allowing for transparency in the further management is also part of the privacy assurance.

The concept of privacy by design, or built-in integrity, is based on letting these integrity issues affect the entire life cycle of the system – from preliminary study and claim through design and development to use and settlement. This information sheet provides guidance on how such a work can be designed.

It is always the person who decides on the handling of personal data that is responsible for compliance with the Personal Data Act. Responsibility means ensuring that the IT support used does not involve privacy risks and therefore clear requirements must be formulated to the supplier of IT support. Even though a supplier of IT products is not normally responsible for any privacy issues arising from the use of the product, it is important that it has the necessary privacy features.

Although instead of a software or hardware, a service is provided (outsourcing or cloud services), the customer is responsible and must ensure that the supplier meets the requirements for security and privacy.

In order to ensure the integrity of the project, Smart Canadian Pharmacy smartcanadianpharmacy.com works in a structured manner, much as you expect to work in terms of IT security or quality assurance. A risk analysis is regularly carried out, and th implications for the integrity of the people who are registered is mapped.

The IT system used by Smart Canadian Pharmacy is designed so as to collect and manage as few personal data as possible. We determine what personal information is really required to meet the purpose, rather than see what may be available. This applies both to claiming and designing a system, as well as when collecting the data. The purpose of the treatment (ie collection and other handling) is determined in advance and the system requirements must be based on the purpose.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy employs different ways to reduce privacy risks, such as:

  • Limiting the data that only indirectly indicates an individual,
  • Not routinely having social security numbers as fields in databases.

The ability to work with and access personal data is limited to those who need it in order to carry out their duties and the method of working must be designed according to that principle.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy system for checking permissions ensures that identified users access the right information easily but are prevented from accessing “wrong” information, that is, personal data that is not required to solve one’s task. Segmentation of information can, for example, be based on membership in groups or holding roles. The user can have different roles in the system without the ability to combine the privileges belonging to different roles at one and the same time.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy systems that handle personal data support security features. Especially services exposed to the Internet must be developed with certainty as a basic philosophy and, as far as possible, be built to withstand existing types of attacks. Adding security features, especially unscheduled ones, can be expensive afterwards and cause malfunction. The more sensitive the data, the higher the level of security required.

In addition to authorization management, there are the following features in place:

  • Features for authentication, minimum passwords, associated routines and secure management capabilities, and ability to connect the system to external account management.
  • Ability to use encryption when communicating over the Internet, in databases, on mobile devices.
  • Routines and clear information about security to system users.
  • A log is used to investigate incorrect access to personal data.
  • Backup support.
  • Safe erasure, ie protection against data leakage after all or part of the system has been discontinued.

We regard user-friendliness is important for integrity-proofing a system and it has to be built in from the beginning. By taking into account the integrity issues from beginning to end, throughout the entire life cycle of the system, Smart Canadian Pharmacy can dramatically increase the ability to comply with applicable laws and increase security. 

Smart Canadian Pharmacy subscription: no spamming guaranteed

Smart Canadian Pharmacy operates within equally high standards when it comes to protecting our subscribers from e-mail soliciting, spamming and scamming. You should be informed that Smart Canadian Pharmacy does not practice any kind of soliciting, product promoting and spamming.

The information that you subscribe for willingly is directed to you in form of newsletters containing updates relevant to your requests within our service, ordering history and customer logs. We also gather and forward to our subscribers alerts on current and anticipated sales, special offers, discounts and bonuses.

At any point in time, whenever the way you feel about being a subscriber to our newsletter, changes, you can opt out in two simple steps: follow the unsubscribe link in our email and confirm your decision on our website.

Beware of Canadian Pharmacy impostor services

Due to an increased number of complaints about impostor rogue pharmacies that we receive from our customers, we feel obliged to post the following bulletin:

In case of receiving an unwanted email from any entity claiming to be representative of Smart Canadian Pharmacy, check the email address as the first step. If it is not an official email address of Smart Canadian Pharmacy, it is important that you take the following steps:

  1. Check the email in the Incoming folder of your mailbox and send the message to Junk Mail folder.
  2. Do not follow any links contained in the email, even if they are presented as ‘Unsubscribe’ links; this is just another ploy of the fraudulent company to check active email addresses on their mass sending lists.
  3. Report identity theft to Smart Canadian Pharmacy (optional; knowing about impostor activity will help us take the necessary measures in order to protect you and our other customers’ privacy and integrity in future dealings).

Anti-spam help provided upon request by Smart Canadian Pharmacy support personnel

Should any attempt of yours to deal with spamming activity on the part of third parties fail, you are welcome to contact our customer support in any way convenient for you for further help and instructions.

Meanwhile, if you are certain that you continue to receive emails you have not subscribed for at registering or at any point later, you can send us an email with an unsubscribe request. Flag your email as important and state the nature of your request in the subject field of your email. We will do our best to process your request within the shortest timeframe possible, checking the list of our subscribers and removing your email address from it, should it indeed be there by luck of an internal error.

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