Basic Information About Products And Services



How do I go about ordering?

Choose the type of drug and the required quantity, then click Order Now button next to items chosen. Note that the per-item price will drop significantly, as well as better shipping fees and some other special offers will become available.

How do I know the ordering process was a success?

When your order is completed, you will see a notice informing you that the order confirmation has been sent to the email address you entered during sign up. If this did not happen for some reason, check your junk mail folder or contact our support team via email; we will get back to you shortly for a confirmation.

Is it possible to cancel the order?

It is possible to cancel the order before it has been shipped. It normally takes 1-2 working days for the ordered items to be assembled and the package dispatched. After the order has been shipped it becomes impossible to cancel it.

How do I know the status of my order?

You can log in to your Personal Cabinet and check your current order status there. If you have further inquiries, send us an e-mail with the details of your order and the question.



Do you sell originals of generics?

At Smart Canadian Pharmacy you can buy both brand and generic drugs. No matter which price category you choose, you can depend on the quality of drugs sourced from our pharmacy.

What are generics?

Generic drugs are full bioequivalents of regular medicines that are produced using the same ingredients. They are, however, almost always manufactured by non-developer pharmaceutical company. They are identical in effects and safety, as well as instructions for use, to the brand drugs.

Why do generics cost so much less?

The rationale behind a considerably lower price of generic drugs in comparison their brand analogues is the absence of necessity of investing on the drug development stages. Also, non-developing pharmaceutical companies are not involved in a constant cycle of new drug researching, and thus they face no such expenses. Hence the price of generic drugs that can be as low as one tenth of the price of the original drug.

Is the quality of generic drugs the same as those of brand drugs?

Every drug manufacturer is double-checked for consistency. With the high quality of ingredients and manufacturing processes carefully supervised by corresponding authorities in the country of origin, the ultimate result is considerably cheaper drugs that are full analogues of their more expensive counterparts in quality, effects and safety.


Personal Cabinet

What is Personal Cabinet?

At Smart Canadian Pharmacy you have your own space which is referred to as Personal Cabinet. Here is where all of your information is securely stored for your future orders or any reference that might be required while you are an active customer.

How can I use my Personal Cabinet?

Being a registered member and having a Personal Cabinet with Canadian Pharmacy brings more convenience and is a major tracking and time-saving tools. It spares the necessity to enter your data with every new order, and it makes it easy to keep track of refills. Personal Cabinet is also used as a place where you manage your Loyalty Program bonuses.

What is Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Program is a system of rewards and bonuses that the customers of Smart Canadian Pharmacy have access to. It tracks the overall amount of orders, money spent, and other such data that helps us upgrade your loyalty status and make shopping with us even more cost-effective and ingratiating.


Return Policy

What is your money back policy?

If you are not happy with the quality, condition or nature of your purchased items (i.e., if there has been a mis-shipping), customers are expected to contact our Customer Support Service and declare their dissatisfaction. Each case will be solved individually based on the correctness of information you provide. The money will be returned to your bank card provided your claims are well-grounded.


Do you accept returns?

In case your goods arrive damaged, the order is incomplete or items do not correspond to the items ordered, there is a refund or reimbursement provided for such instances. Contact us with the details of your order and the essence of your complaint, and we will get back to you with a suggestion on how the matter can be settled.



Security And Confidentiality

How confidential is my order?

What you order is strictly between you and us. Your name, physical address, billing address and other sensitive information will not surface at any point of your ordering process. The purchased goods will be shipped in an unmarked envelope. 

What payment options do you offer?

Currently, you are welcome to pay by any of the three means available: Visa, MasterCard and E-Check.

Is your checkout page safe?

The payment process is safeguarded by secure connection layer. Transactions are supervised by our trusted partner in payment procedures.

What about my sensitive data?

You can rest assured that the banking information you share with us will be operated upon strictly between the payment service and you. The same goes for any personal information you might share with us. We leak-proof our database storage by means of the most up-to-date technologies.




How long does it take for the order to ship?

It takes between 24 and 72 hours for your order to be assembled and dispatched. The exact time required for the order to be shipped depends on item availability in stock. If more time is required for your order to be prepared and dispatched, you will be informed about the delay via e-mail messaging with options and make-up bonuses offered.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship both domestically and internationally, to most countries of the world. It is a good idea though to check if your country is on the list of the countries we ship to in the drop-out menu.

Will my package have a shipping number?

Orders shipped with Express Courier will be given an ID number for internal tracking on the website of the shipper. There is no such option available for orders shipped with Regular Airmail.

Is there a free shipping offer?

Yes, there are several offers for free shipping that become available under the following conditions:

  • Free Regular Airmail (10-21 days) for orders starting with $150.00
  • Free Express Courier (US Customers Only) (8-14 days) for orders starting with $300.00!

What shipping services do you use?

Currently, we use the following shipping agents at Smart Canadian Pharmacy:

  1. Regular Airmail (10-21 days)
  2. Express Courier (8-14 days)

Note that this latter is only available for customers within the US.

What is the cost of shipping?

The basic fees for shipping are as follows:

  • Free Regular Airmail (10-21 days) $15
  • Free Express Courier (US Customers Only) $25

Read about special free shipping offers below.