Our Company Profile

Who we are:

Smart Canadian Pharmacy is a retailer of prescription medications, specialty pharmaceuticals, and other health care products. Our sales channels include retail, online, and mail order pharmacies.

Where we are:

Our pharmacies are located near or within medical office buildings, clinics, and hospitals, allowing us first access to customers at or near the point of care. By providing a high level of customer service, our goal is for consumers to utilize these convenient pharmacies for their immediate, acute care needs, and to encourage them to either return to our pharmacies or to use our Internet or mail order alternatives for future needs.

Physicians benefit from frequent communication and familiarity with our pharmacists as well as our pharmacists’ knowledge of specific medications and disease states common to the physicians’ practice. We believe this collaboration leads to better overall care for the patient, including reduced prescription errors and improved compliance with medication regimens. As a result of our nearness to physician’s offices we can develop strong relationships with the patient at the point of care, and provide the right products to both the patient and physician to help manage their health.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy

At our own online pharmacy, smartcanadianpharmacy.com we provide Internet and mail order fulfillment of prescription medications, specialty pharmaceuticals and other health care products.

Smart Pharmacy is designed to bring the same personalized attention to our Internet customers as we give our retail customers. On the SCP site, we offer the customer Pharmacist Recommended Products organized by disease state, including over-the-counter, natural, and prescription remedies. The recommended products, as well as comprehensive selection of health related products are available for purchase.