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Smart Canada Pharmacy www.smartcanadianpharmacy.comis an e-healthcare purveyor with no equal when it comes to the quality of products and services. How can we be so sure? Once our customer, forever our customer – this is what they say about placing orders through our platform.


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by I`m Hero

I am so glad I gave Smart Canadian Pharmacy a go some half a year ago. My savings in prescription filling bills have been huge ever since then. I recommend Smart Canadian Pharmacy to friends and family, and if you are reading this while in doubt if you should order or not, I say that you should. Deliveries are accurate, drugs are safe, customer support is proactive and friendly.

by Kevin E. 47 Years

The quality of drugs here is an absolute perfection, and I love the way things are organized here at Smart Canadian Pharmacy. For me, this is as simple as it gets: if the quality is good and so is the price, I could compromise on much anything else. But with this retailer, I don’t even need to compromise.

by Yan Erlo

I buy regularly from Smart Canadian Pharmacy. So regularly that actually, if you care to look into my medicine chest, you will hardly even see anything other than the refills from this pharmacy. It is convenient and frugal to shop here.

by Metallist

Albeit Smart Canadian Pharmacy is my fav, they have their drawbacks with ordering system and sometimes delivery. And every time I complain about the latter, it is always not their fault, but that of the shipping service. I figure this makes sense, in a way… Either way, since no other online pharmacy actually beats them price-wise, I am their customer to stay.

by Ron

I don’t know why would anyone even bother write a review that rates Smart Canadian Pharmacy under 5 stars. The pharmacy is simply amazing! Take the quality of their products, or the number of loyalty programs and bonuses, or even something as simple and yet vital as site navigation and ordering form. I enjoy using their services and I would recommend SCP to anyone. Cheers from Denver.

by JacckyJaccky

On the upside of ordering from Smart Canadian Pharmacy, you always find consistency with products and prices. On the downside, we have a customer support that is somewhat slack. To sum it up, we have an e-pharmacy that is higher than average.

by Mcronald

I so wanted to love their services, but they have proven to be subpar. From other people’s reviews I gather that it is habitual with them to have certain delivery issues on and off, and this is exactly the big problem I’ve faced with them. It is such a shame, their prods and prices are really one of the best on the market. Right now, I am still waiting for my second order to arrive after three days’ delay, and seriously doubt if I will place another order.

by Moriah R.

I am very appreciative of the little tokens of customer loyalty gratitude coming my way with every order at Smart Canadian Pharmacy. It is very nice to feel cared about, one rarely gets this feeling with the kind of services most online pharmacies offer these days. I have been a loyal customer since 2015, and I mean to stay this way if they do not hitch up prices all of a sudden.

by Clayton K.P.

Most of the times, I love the service around here. I hear a lot of requests from people I know to tell them where I get the deliveries that are so timely and products that are of such quality. When I mention how little I pay for all of the above, this comes as a total stunner.

by Bob H. 54 years

Are you serious about too long time for delivery? You’ve gotta be kidding, because the lion’s share of online pharmacies can barely make it happen in 4 weeks. Yeah, I know they all promise 5-7 business days, but in reality things are completely different. Did you ever try to order anything from those drugstores? I bet no. To my mind, delivery speed is one of the most significant advantages of Smart Canadian Pharmacy - the platform leaves in dust virtually any decent online shop I know, and believe me, these online shops are not many. Well, maybe if you live in a far-removed region and that’s the case, but this is where you should just accept it.