Generics: International Experience, Facts, Myths And Popular Drugs

Generic drug consumption has been growing substantially for the last decade. The major reason of such growth is considered to be their attractive price and high availability in online pharmaceutical shops. At the same time a great deal of speculations has grown around generics, their therapeutic effect and safety. Here we will dispel long-term myths about generic medical drugs and their usage.

What are the generics?

generic drugsAll the goods can be divided into two major groups: branded and no-name. The branded products appear and are supported by marketing activity aimed at increasing the popularity and advertising awareness. In the medical sphere we can see the same picture.

No-name or generic drugs are as good as the branded ones. Generic drugs are products that can be used as an analogue of the original (or branded) medication. The generic products have the same active element as the branded drug has and similar therapeutic effect on the patient’s health. It is the major requirement for the generic products.

Nearly all the popular drugs have their generic versions. The most famous medications include analogues of Viagra (Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Force, Kamagra and so on), Cialis (Tadalis, Cialis Professional) and other ED treatment drugs. Their dosage, rules of intake and possible side effects are identical to those of the original medications.

What is the difference between the branded and generic products?

This question is asked nearly by everyone when it comes to the choice of medical drugs. What is the difference except the lower price?

Many buyers do not understand the differences between the original and generic products. Someone consider generics to have lower therapeutic impact or more side effects. However it is not true. Most generics are absolutely equal to the original ones. In fact, about half of the branded pharmaceutical producers launch cheaper products together with the expensive headliner.

Product names are the main difference. Branded drugs have unique logos, colors and forms. Generic medications have different names and often different forms as the original form belongs to the registered trademarks either.

The launch of the generic drugs production and sales in the certain country requires the permit for circulation on the territory of the given country. In order to obtain such a permit the company must prove the bioequivalence of its product in respect of the original drug. Today popular medications may have up to 300 generic versions.

Product names are the main difference. Branded drugs have unique logos, colors and forms. Generic medications have different names and often different forms as the original form belongs to the registered trademarks either.

The launch of the generic drugs production and sales in the certain country requires the permit for circulation on the territory of the given country. In order to obtain such a permit the company must prove the bioequivalence of its product in respect of the original drug. Today popular medications may have up to 300 generic versions.

Are the generic drugs reliable?

People often think that generic drugs are manufactured with a lot of violations of technology, safety rules and quality requirements. The facts tell us that it is far from being real.

All the medications are tested according to the established standards. Each generic drug undergoes the same laboratory investigations as branded products do therefore it should behave just in the same way. Moreover, serious pharmaceutical manufacturers dealing with the generic drug production control their safety and effectiveness. Nearly 6 – 16% of their income are spent for the research and development activity that supports the high quality level of the produced items. That is why if you want to get high quality medication at the reasonable price you should definitely buy generics.

Of course, generic medications have similar side effects; their effect on children and aged people does not differ from that of the original drugs. The decision whether to use any generic drug instead of the medication you are taking at the given moment should be taken only by the health care specialist. For example, some generic drugs have larger period of response and action; and in some cases time is very important.

State regulation of generics production

Like branded medications generics are regulated by the legislation and legal authorities. Pharmaceutical companies that produce generic drugs are constantly examined and discontinue production of items that do not meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical standards. The examination is conducted not only against the products, but also against the company. For example, US Food and Drug Administration (official website) responsible for the quality control of food and medical products conducts about 3500 examinations per year. This activity is aimed at monitoring the strict fulfillment of high quality standards for medical products.

Patents and producers’ rights

The question about patents is one of the most commonly asked questions. Generic products do not have patents. However, the patent itself does not guarantee the total safety of the product. Producers patent their goods in order to have the exclusive rights within the certain period of time. According to the definition of patent it is granted to people who need legal protection of their intellectual property. In fact, producers just defend their rights to manufacture and sell goods. As an owner of intellectual property manufacturer can license his products as well as bond, surrender or transfer rights to the other parties. These rights are valid only within the patent validity period.

As soon as the validity period is expired generic products can be manufactured as nobody has the exclusive rights to gain profit from the production of the given invention without any legal consequences. As a rule, medical drugs can be patented for not more than 20 years. It seems to be long, but we would like to stress your attention that any patent should be approved before clinical tests start. If we exclude time for the clinical tests and trials average patent period in the USA takes 7 to 12 years.

So, the pharmaceutical producers can start generic drug productions if:

  • The patent validity period is expired;
  • Patent is not valid or is very difficult to keep up to its norms;
  • Patent is just absent;
  • Production is located in the state where patents do not have full force and effect.

In case any legal problems occur the producer can always appeal to the legislation. So, non-patented medical drugs that have been tested and approved are considered to be effective and safe.

Why is the price so attractive?

Generic drugs are cheaper than the original medications because of lower expenses. Just imagine that the development of each original drug takes 10 to 15 years and requires 500 mln. to 2 bln. USD on average. Larger amount of money is consumed by the clinical investigations. The first stage of investigations is dedicated to the drug safety, the second one – to the drug effectiveness. As a rule, these investigations are conducted in several countries at the same time and engage from 200 (at the first stage) and up to a few thousands (at the second stage) volunteers. In the end only 1 of 5000 molecules of the active pharmaceutical substance reaches the market in the form of the finished product. Here you can add expenses on brand development, marketing and promotion activity. So, now you can imagine the road every original drug makes in order to get to your pocket.

Pharmaceutical companies that produce generics do not need to invest big money in promotion activity, large-scale scientific investigations, brand development and marketing. They use already invented formulas and create brand names that sounds like the original product.

However, manufacturers of generics should also conduct certain investigations that are not so large-scale as those for the original products. According to the international laws to register a generic medication the producer must provide official approval that the given product has the same formula as the original one. Moreover, some tests for the solubility should be conducted. The producer must prove that the new medication dissolves in the stomach or intestinal tract and not in the mouth, for example. To conduct such investigation the producer needs to hire only 18 healthy volunteers. After some testing procedures the parameters are checked. If they correspond to the range of 80 – 125% the medication is considered bioequivalent to the branded drug.

So, you can see that the per-launching procedures of the generic drugs require by times less expenses. Thus, the producer saves money and so does the customer. Patients who are completely satisfied with the quality and therapeutic effect can save up to 52%!

WHO’s opinion and world experience

Today World Health Organization supports the world production of generics for more people to get the access to high – quality and available treatment. In the USA, Canada and Western Europe more than the half of the prescribed drugs are generic ones. The situation in the developing countries is even more in favor of generics.

When any pharmaceutical company (both branded and no-name) decides launching generic drug production it usually takes into account all thee weak points of the original product. So, sometimes generic products can have even better characteristics than the branded drug. Large quantity of the generic versions of one medication leads to the tougher competence that causes further improvement of quality and decrease of the price level.

Nevertheless the arguments about the usage of branded and generic products will remain as they have turned to be more philosophic and refer mainly to the attitude to life and health.

If any drug appears at the market it means that this drug is really equivalent to the branded products. A lot of people with different income level all over the world benefit from the cheap and effective medications.

Therefore no country, even the developed one, can do without generic drugs. For example, today world consumption of the generic drugs makes 44% (branded product consumption is about 56% of the whole drug consumption). In the USA more 78% of the total quantity falls on generic medications. In Great Britain every fifth drug is non-branded. The existence of the generic products helps the government save the state budget. So, generics are neither good, nor bad. They are the necessary element of the pharmaceutical market and somewhat of an engine of progress. Generics being absent, large pharmaceutical corporations that invent the branded products that have good market reputation, of course, would rest and invent nothing new.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment drugs: large field of generics usage

ED treatment drugs are the most illustrative example of the generics application. Surely, you heard about Viagra (who in modern society didn’t?) and other two drugs of Big Three which are Cialis and Levitra. All of them refer to the group of PDE5 inhibitors however they have different active pharmaceutical substances. Viagra contains Sildenafil, Cialis’s major element is Tadalafil and Letivra’s active substance is Vardenafil.


Original Viagra appeared at the market more than 20 years ago and has become a pioneer and a legend. Viagra is often called a “magic blue pill” because of its branded color and special diamond shape.

Its active ingredient, Sildenafil, was invented by accident as it was aimed at treating arterial hypertension. After years of investigations, brand development and other pre-launch activities the product appeared at the market and set the world alight. Since then the treatment of erectile dysfunction (disease information) had become available for everyone.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra, influences blood vessels by relaxing muscles and widening vessel walls. Wider vessels provide larger blood supply to the cavernous body of penis and stronger and longer erection, as a consequence. Sildenafil’s action lasts for 4-5 hours; the pill should be taken 40-45 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse and should be combined with alcohol, grapefruit or grapefruit juice (it decreases the therapeutic effect) and fat food. As any other medical drug, Viagra has its limitations and is not prescribed for children under 18, patients with severe cardiovascular disorders, kidney or liver failure and so on. Viagra should be combined with other PDE5 inhibitors, nitroglycerin, antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

What did the manufacturers of generic Viagra do? Of course, they used the original formula with Sildenafil and added some advantages. Manufacturers of Viagra’s generics tried to increase the period of drug action. Some versions start acting even in 10 minutes and have the effect within 6 hours and even next morning (in rare cases, everything depends upon personal health condition. As original medication is offered in three dosages – 25, 50 and 100 mg of Sildenafil, manufacturers of generics offered versions with larger Sildenafil content.

Some generics contain Dapoxetine, a new substance that is aimed at treating premature ejaculation. So, generic Viagra with Dapoxetine helps treat two major problems modern men face nowadays.

Generic Viagra is also offered in different pharmaceutical forms. For example, chewable and sublingual Viagra can be used by patients who have problems with swallowing.

Besides, we should mention one more advantage of generic Viagra. It is offered not only in small packages for several pills, but also in big packs up to 360 pills. Such packages are very cost-efficient as one pill here costs less than in small packs.

Among Viagra’s generics there are a lot of no-name products that just use Viarga’s name and its variations as well as some versions that are already independent trademarks.

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Cialis appeared nearly a decade later at the market. The producer of original Cialis took into account all the advantages and disadvantages of Viagra and offered a revolutionary product. First of all, the active ingredient of Cialis which is Tadalafil can act within 36 hours. That is why Cialis is often called “a weekend pill”. Patients voted for this advantage by buying Cialis.

Producers of Cialis added one more advantage that is extremely low Tadalafil content that is 2.5 and 5 mg (usual Tadalafil content in one pill makes up 10 and 20 mg). They called it Cialis for everyday use and offered it for the treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) with a note that extremely small dosages of Tadalafil taken on everyday basis have accumulative and stable effect and help treat ED either. Thus, original Cialis effectively treats erectile dysfunctions and BPH and provides better conditions of intake for the patients.

Manufacturers of the generic versions of Cialis made the same steps as producers of generic Viagra did. They increased the size of package offering so called “budget packs”, developed new pharmaceutical forms: chewable, jelly and sublingual. Pills with increased dosages of Tadalafil are positioned as the possibility to obtain new and bright experience.

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Original Levitra contains Vardenafil, the major acting ingredient that also refers to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. Period of the therapeutic action is 4 – 5 hours, available dosages differ within the range of 2.5 to 20 mg of Vardenafil.

The range of generic versions, dosages, pharmaceutical forms and package sizes is comparable to those of Viagra and Cialis. Producers of Generic Levitra also conducted thorough investigation of the product features in order to find their own advantages and market niche.

So, as you can see all the generics of ED treatment drugs have the same active ingredient as the original version does; if any differences occur they are connected with auxiliary substances used in the pill production. However, if any patient is allergic for some of these substances, for example, he should apply to a doctor for a consultation.

Generics of the original ED treatment medications have the same therapeutic performance and influence on the cardio-vascular and gastro-intestinal systems as they are engaged in the medical performance and clearance.

All the generics without any exception are characterized by similar sets of side effects and contraindications as the branded medications are. Generic ED treatment drugs should not be prescribed for patients with arterial hypertension, cardiac failure in his medical history, problems with gastrointestinal system, diabetes and HIV. Patients under 18 years old are not recommended to take ED treatment drugs and elderly people over 65 are advised to consult their doctor and to start with smaller dosages.

Patients who are prescribed hypotensive medications such as nitroglycerin and others should refrain from taking generic ED treatment drugs as together they may cause sharp decrease of blood pressure. Antifungal medications and antibiotics, other PDE5 inhibitors, AIDS / HIV treatment medications are also in the danger list as they may intensify the side effects or vice versa decrease the effect of ED treatment drug.

generics-branded-smart-canadian-pharmacySide effects noticed in most patients who experienced them are also similar to those of the branded pills. Headaches, hot flashes and dizziness are among the most commonly met. In that case doctors recommend that the patients decrease the dosage and try again in order to find the most appropriate. In some cases all the symptoms decrease in the course of treatment. Patients may also experience nasal stuffiness, nausea, problems with ears and eyes; however these side effects are met very rare. When you are reading the medical information included in the package of the medication please remember that it should contain all the possible side effects even the rarest ones according to the international laws.

So, you can see that generic versions of the famous ED treatment drugs do not have anything that is not present in the original products. Therefore everything you can make to protect yourself from the undesired side effects is to consult your physician and to choose the right place where you will buy generic medications.

Where to buy generics?

Despite the fact that high – quality generics will not cause serious health problems you should take into account the fact that some unreliable producers also offer their counterfeit at the market. So, you should buy medications only in places where you are sure you get the safe medications.

You can go to the nearest drug store and buy medications there or you can open the browser, find the information and make the order. Most generic drugs are offered online in the vast number of Internet drug stores and pharmaceutical shops. Please choose only reliable resources and pages where you can find full description of the product, good choice of payment and delivery methods and detailed contact information. This is the way how you can protect yourselves from the fraud and what is more important to protect your health.

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To sum it up

Generic products are official and approved replicas of the original medications. They have identical composition and major element. To reach the market generic drugs should undergo the procedure of approval any branded medication undergoes. Generic drugs are cheaper and more available due the high competitiveness at the market and low production and promotion costs. Nowadays the question of buying generics or not is a question of personal preferences and not the matter of risk.

In order to make yourselves safe buy generics only in approved sources where you are sure you will be offered high-quality product.