What Makes Our Pharmacy A Smart Choice

We at Smart Canadian Pharmacy www.smartcanadianpharmacy.com know you’re a star, and thus our role is that of a well-coordinated crew to help you shine. With our services, you will win on so many levels:

We Deliver Quality Generic Viagra from Canada Is Abuzz About

Since our primarily focus is drugs against ED, you will be right in assuming that Smart Canadian Pharmacy has an impressive majority of them. You are next to right, with a small nuance: there is plenty of ED pills to choose from, indeed, but there is also a comprehensible system of therapy tweaking imbedded in our website. We help you to find the exact right therapy that suits your own unique needs in a matter of seconds.

Apart from the time-honored PDE5 inhibitors Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, there are their generics available in each size and shape. By diversifying the content of the main medicinal component and playing with the drug form allows to alter the onset time and impactfulness of each tablet. All-time favorites with shoppers of generic Viagra in Canada is Viagra Professional, closely followed by such preparations as Viagra Super Active, Viagra Jelly, Kamagra and multiple others.

You will also appreciate a small compliment from our e-store coming with each and every order: 4 pills of either Viagra and Cialis (your call!). And if the jury is still out on which pill is best for you, Smart Canadian Pharmacy has scores of ED trial packs. No need of getting a full blister of one drug just to try it off; get a combo pack of your choice and give each ED drug a try to figure out which one is the most effective and gives fewest side events.


All-Embracing Healthcare Portal

Here at Smart Canadian Pharmacy you can get filled up on the go with some practical information concerning your health. We bring together, edit and update comprehensive guides on healthier lifestyles and general wellbeing. There are pages and pages dedicated to miscellaneous diseases and their prevention, treatment and recommendations. You will also find psychological help materials that will help you create a positive outlook and fill you with energy needed for overcoming your condition. There is also an impressively elaborate description to every drug that we have in stock, as well as comparative analysis for drugs that have similar use and effects.

The general idea is that you should do as much as you can to prevent sickness, and we are eager to let you know how through meticulously organized materials on health-related topics. In case you require medical treatment, we will give you information on drugs and their use. But if taking drugs can be avoided through introducing some minor changes to your lifestyle, Smart Canadian Pharmacy will instruct you on how to stay healthier without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

But you would be much mistaken in thinking that theoretical guidance is the only thing that we provide our shoppers with. You are welcome to avail from our medical consulting online which is free to every customer of Smart Canadian Pharmacy. Please read more on this below.

Professional Medical Consultations Online

Smart Canadian Pharmacy offers a free online consulting for medical issues to all of its customers. During an online medical chat with a licensed doctor you will be able to ask any questions that do not require physical presence at a ward. You are also free to ask questions about drugs and their application, as well as about alternative methods of treatment.

Oftentimes, we skip seeking medical help, ignoring disturbing symptoms, simply because it is challenging to squeeze a visit to a clinic into our schedule. Or else, in the absence of health insurance, any such visit could ruin your monthly budget. It is then that Smart Canadian Pharmacy online medical consulting comes as a life-saver. Send us a query with detailed description of your condition, and we will appoint a licensed expert specializing in your condition. You will be able to choose a convenient time for a chat based on your schedule, which adds extra points to the practicality of free online medical consulting.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy healthcare providers will provide you with some basic assessment of your situation. You should be prepared, however, that in some cases our specialists will recommend you seeing your therapist for a physical check-up, especially in cases where laboratory tests are required. Any diagnosis established during an online chat with doctor are subject to further confirmation by your practitioner.


Your Canadian Pharmacy Personal Cabinet

Creating a Personal Cabinet at Smart Canadian Pharmacy makes your pharmacy shopping even more convenient and less time-consuming. Rather than dialling in your personal information with every new shopping spree you can opt for keeping all of your details saved with our secure data keeping system. Choose subscribing to our news in case you would like to receive personalized offers and discounts (read about it below). If not, opt out of receiving any emails save for order confirmation.

At your Smart Canadian Pharmacy Personal Cabinet the data stored about your previous orders can be used to minimize the time you spend shopping. You can also track your ordering history easily to have easy access to statistics and refill schedules. There is even an automatic refill service that comes in extra handy when you have no time to re-order meds that you need to receive on a certain posology schedule.

Individual Loyalty Plan
At Smart Canadian Pharmacy

Being a returned customer at Smart Canadian Pharmacy pays with multiple benefits to be reaped down the road. Did you know that for orders above $300 we have made-to-order discounts? That’s correct, all you have to do to get access to your bespoke Viagra promo code – or a cumulative discount for the entire order – is to contact us using our message form or by sending us an email with the details of your order. We will get back to you with our best offer that will translate in your spending much less money than initially planned.

If you are a registered subscriber, you will be in the first row for the craziest sales and giveaways. Snap it up before anyone else discovers the offers, the sell out always follows our discount weeks. But your place in VIP queue is firmly secured by your loyalty!


Protection of Your Privacy

Loose-lipped pharmacists have no place in the industry. At Smart Canadian Pharmacy we protect every bit of personal information you share with us so as not to fail the trust you show us. For this we employ a large inventory of security tools and abide by high standards of professional ethics. The same concerns your banking details.

Every transaction made at our e-store is extra secured by our partner to provide the safest environment possible. The billing information will not contain any reference to the nature of goods purchased through our service.

We care for your confidentiality on every level. The envelopes we send your orders with are all plain and unmarked so that your privacy is respected at every shipping stage.

Smart Canadian Pharmacy has a very stringent policy for everything that concerns spamming practice. You will not receive junk mails coming from our side, but if you suspect a rogue activity on the side of a third party with our name or part of it being used in mail soliciting, Smart Canadian Pharmacy encourages you to report it to us for further instructions.

Beeline Delivery By Time-Tested
Canadian Shipping Pharmacy Partners

From the moment your order has been paid and confirmed it will take approximately one working day for it to get shipped. The time of delivery will depend solely on the chosen shipping method. Allow us to assure you that every partner that Smart Canadian Pharmacy has in shipping has been tried and tested by time, and their services you can fully rely on.

Shipping with Smart Canadian Pharmacy is proudly described by our team as:

  • Fast;
  • Secure;
  • Confidential;
  • Damage-proof;
  • Insured.

Some couriers have tracking number so that you can know the exact whereabouts of your order. But if you for some reason fail to do so, or the shipping of your choice has no tracking option, feel free to ask us for help with order tracking. You can also use Insurance option available at $4.99 – or enjoy it for free for orders $200 and above.


Viagra Coupons and Heavily Discounted ED Drugs

Smart Canadian Pharmacy is regularly billed as industry´s most generous online drugstore, and for a good reason! The discounts at our e-drugstore are always candy-good, and you don´t need to have an extra-long history with us in order to avail of them.

Let us start off by saying that you will receive four bonus pills of Viagra (or Cialis, the choice is really yours) to go with every order you place with Smart Canadian Pharmacy. Further along, Viagra discounts is a seasonal event at our drugstore. But if you are a subscriber to our newsletters, you will enjoy getting Viagra codes directly into your inbox. There are regular markdowns and special offers for ED drugs available at the main page of our website. And perhaps the most exciting news is that you can negotiate an individual discount with us when you plan on a really big order. Does it get any better than that? We don´t think so!