Natural PDE5 Inhibitors: The Most Popular and Powerful Types, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment With Herbs

What are PDE5 inhibitors?

Let’s start with nitric oxide

A bunch of years ago, the TIME magazine dedicated its front page to nitrite oxide. Nitric oxide is essentially a gas that is made inside cells. Nitric oxide produces some changes in the cells it enters. We are interested in how it affects blood vessel cells and muscle cells. Nitric oxide binds to a receptor inside these cells, and it results in the production of intermediate molecules. As a result, a smooth muscle cell relaxes; it gets bigger and stronger and produces more smooth muscle cells. All that sound good, but there are messenger molecules. After nitric oxide sticks to a receptor, it also activates these messenger molecules, which get broken down by a bunch of enzymes. These enzymes, called phosphodiesterase, are everywhere in the human body, because nitric oxide is everywhere in the body. They comprise the normal control of blood vessels machine. Once enzyme broke down these messenger molecules, this whole cascade of positive changes that nitric oxide brings (the relaxation of smooth muscles, the thickening of muscles, etc.) – it all stops.

If you could allow the whole process of nitric oxide functioning together with its messengers not to be broken down, you would have the potentiation of good effects. If you could quit all these phosphodiesterase enzymes or prevent them from breaking down nitrate dioxides, you will have prolongation of effects of locally produced nitric oxide. One specific enzyme known to be active in breaking down of nitric oxide messengers is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (also referred to as PDE5 inhibitor.) The level of these inhibitors is increased in patients with pulmonary hypotension, for example.

Applied to erectile dysfunction, the presence of nitric oxide means that if you don’t have any nitric oxide, you wouldn’t be abler to achieve an erection, while if you have little amount of nitric oxide, you may have an erection that would not last long, however hard you try. Proper nitric oxide production ensures healthy sexual function whenever you have desire for sex.

What PDE5 inhibitors are for, the most popular PDE5 inhibitors, their effects and ideas about this drug family – find them all in this article:

Nitric-oxide-online-pharmacyWhere nitric oxide is produced?

Nitric oxide is produced in the endothelium. It is the organ that is comprised only of one cell. Its function is to line the whole of the cardiovascular system in the human organism- all veins and arteries are lined by the endothelium. Essentially, capillaries are merely extensions of the endothelium. So, the core function of the endothelium is to keep ones blood properly in ones bloodstream. The endothelium serves many functions in cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune systems, ensuring the proper functioning of these. Perhaps there is no more critical organ in maintaining ones cardiovascular health than endothelium. Nitric oxide is converted in the endothelium from the amino acid called L-arginine. The Nobel Prize in biology was given to the group of the scientists who explained this conversion mechanism back in the late 1980s.

It is also important to underline that one’s sexual performance is dependent on the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system, these two closely tied together.

How widespread is erectile dysfunction?

While it is hard to gather the precise numbers of patients affected by erectile dysfunction due to the necessary “coming out” of such patients to confess they have troubles with their erection, it is estimated to be more than 50 percent of the overall male population over the age 40 across the globe who at one point or another has had complications in achieving an erection.

Just look at the google statistics: there are close to 200 million webpages that incorporate the word “Viagra”, while “Aspirin” hits only slightly over 50 million of webpages.

Why the timely recognition of erectile dysfunction is important for male’s health?

If you are a male that reached 40 years of age and go to a medical specialist for a general consultation, your doctor may ask you if you have any problems with achieving an erection. The reason he is asking this, is because erectile dysfunction can be a telltale sign of some form of diabetes or complications with circulatory functions.

The development of chemical erectile dysfunction treatments

Sildenafil citrate (a comprehensive guide), the active component of Viagra, was initially designed by German manufacturers to stop this malicious action of those enzymes in patients with pulmonary hypotension. The side effect of the action of this active component was not only successful blockade of those enzymes, and, as a result of this, the proper nonstop functioning of nitric oxide with its cGMP messenger. The side effect was the proper relaxation of the blood vessels and the consequent blood supply into the smooth sponge-like muscles that form the male penis.

Sildenafil as well as the active components designed later with similar mechanism of action, vardanafil and tadalafil, all were proven to successfully treat both pulmonary hypotension and erectile dysfunction in men. Sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil are chemical treatments that incorporate physiology, central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system in males to work together in order to create and to maintain an erection.

What is an erection?

It comes handy to actually define and explain what an erection is. An erection is the change in the position of the male penis from the limp position to an upright, firmly established position. While most limbs in the human organism involve skeletal muscles in order to move them by command of the motor system centers, this would not work with the penis. The penis is made not of skeletal muscles but of smooth, sponge-like muscles. The movements of those are the consequences of the blood pressure. There are two chambers in the male penis, known as Corpora Cavernosa in Latin. These are designed by Nature in such way, that when blood fills them, they are getting swelled and increased in size, eventually hitting an upright position with the penis in its fully realized stature. The blood is carried to these chambers by arteries, while veins pump the blood out of them.

In a non-erect state, the blood flow from the arteries is stopped, while the veins are open to get the blood away from the penis. When a man is getting aroused sexually, the arteries, in their turn, are getting open, so the blood can flow into the chambers. The veins, on the other hand, are shut, so the blood would not get away. As a result of these two simultaneous gating processes, the blood fills the penis steadily, until an erection is achieved.

What is interesting, before the year 1983 most urologists thought that there is no physical problem with achieving an erection, It was all in a male’s head, they thought. At one memorable event, during the regular congress of American urologists in 1983, doctor Brindley demonstrated what happens when one injects phentolamine in the penis. The result was an instant erection! This breakthrough proved that an erection was subject to physiology as well as of the mental realm.

erection-canadian-pharmacyThe mechanism of an erection

What happened? While technically no muscles are involved in achieving an erection, this is not entirely true.

The human organism is made up of three groups of muscles:

  • Skeletal muscles. These allow us to move various organs, such as hands and legs
  • Cardiac muscles. These muscles are entirely devoted to the human heart. In fact, the heart is made of these
  • Smooth muscles. These comprise the intestines, the stomach, and are also found in the blood vessels

The smooth muscles act involuntarily, while skeletal muscles are what is known voluntarily-driven muscles. Phentolamine, the medication the famous doctor used, causes smooth muscles to relax. Because he injected the drug, the smooth muscles relaxed, allowing corpora cavernosa to totally fill with the blood. As a result- an instant and uncontrolled erection occurred.

Our bodies are capable of controlling the blood flow. The bodies are designed in such way, that they evenly spread the blood volumes. When there is an area the body needs the blood the most, the body commands the blood to get there.

The control mechanism of the blood regulation involves several organs:

  • The brain sends the signal to a particular nerve fiber;
  • The nerve fiber sends the signal to the cell that located near the particular artery near where the blood flow is needed;
  • This cell creates nitric oxide and releases it into the blood stream;
  • A messenger called cyclic GMP, modulated by nitric oxide, commands smooth muscles to relax. This molecule is produced as long as the brain sends signals to produce nitric oxide;
  • Another enzyme, PDE5, deactivates c GMP;
  • When cGMP is deactivated, smooth muscles return to their original, that means constricted, limp form.

Nitric oxide is produced as long as there is no damage to the endothelium. The most common underlying reason that men suffer from erectile dysfunction is lack of nitric oxide. When a man is sexually aroused, the brain is doing its job by sending commands to produce nitric oxide targeting the genitalia. The thing is that the amount of cGMP produced together with nitric oxide is not sufficient to maintain an erection, since the production of nitric oxide is limited by damaged or not properly functioning endothelium cells.

How we can increase the blood flow to the genitalia?

We have three basic options:

  1. To increase the amount of nitric oxide produced in the arteria of blood vessels;
  2. To increase the amount of cGMP produced in response to nitric oxide;
  3. To eliminate PDE5, that is converting cGMP back to its unproductive state.

What sildenafil, tadalafil, vardanafil do, they choose an option 3 of the list, by disabling PDE. There are eleven different PDE in the body, and only one of these is found in the male organs, this is the PDE5 type.

Here is the mechanism of action of these active ingredients:

  • Sildenafil, tadalafil, vardanafil, when taken, are absorbed into the bloodstream;
  • They attach to PDE5 in the male’s organs to disable it;
  • A male is sexually aroused while nitric oxide is produced;
  • Nitric oxide creates cGMP to relax the smooth muscles of the arterial blood vessels;
  • Since PDE5 is disabled, cGMP does not break down;
  • Arterial blood vessels fully dilate, and the man achieves an erection.

The most popular herbs and other Natural PDE5 Inhibitors

The breaking down of cGMP can be achieved not only through chemical means such as sildenafil citrate, but also with the help of a bunch of herbs and plants that mother Earth generously offers the humankind.

What are the benefits of using natural remedies?

Obviously, they cannot bring any adverse effects that chemical contrivances may cause. As chemical medications are fairly recent achievements in the pharmacology, lots of men still wary of using them. Some men failed to achieve an erection using sildenafil or tadalafil because of anxiety, misfirings, or failure to keep on taking the meds. Urologists know well that Viagra may not work at the first administering, or even the second. Sometimes it takes three or four pills for the effects to start showing. Herbs enhancing an erection are less stressful both physiologically and psychologically. Even if it did not work at the first time, it would not hurt to consume another herb until it works, right?

What is the downside of taking natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction?

Chemical means obviously go through a lot of studies, researches, and tries before going to the counter and are sold to a customer. Pharmacists are concerned with the efficacy and possible adverse effects of a pill they through onto the market.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, require little responsibility to get going. If you know it has a good effect on men’s health, just post it on the back of a package, and that’s it.

Another reason there were not so many studies on how plants effect men’s health, is that studies are very costly. While pills are sold at much higher prices compared to what it costs to produce them, profits from selling plants are not impressive. All we have at our disposal is the long, time-proven experience of men who used those plants throughout the ages, with few researches done.

That being said, we still encourage men with erectile dysfunction to consider taking these natural remedies. At least you can try it. Sometimes plants work not by way of blocking PDE5 inhibitors action, but have their own means of busting levels of nitric oxide. Whatever works, right?

erectile-dysfunction-smart-pharmacyThe goals of using natural male potency remedies:

  • To increase male hormone testosterone levels, while keeping female hormone estrogen levels low;
  • To increase production of nitric oxide in the system;
  • To decrease levels of controls of PDE5 over the second messenger cGMP, which functions as a necessary link for nitric oxide to allow gates for the blood to flow smoothly into cavernous muscles of the penis.

Most powerful natural PDE5 inhibitors

Horny goat weed, also referred to as bishop's hat

Also known as fairy wings, this is the plant abundantly spread in several Chinese provinces, as well as in some other Asian countries. In spring, the plant blooms as 4-parted, spiderlike flower, hence its poetic names.

In Asia, horny weed is known to have a positive effect on male erection for thousands of years. Besides boosting nitric oxide levels, fairy wings are known to have an aphrodisiac effect, that means they increase male libido, the effect that no chemical treatments can bring.

The active ingredient of bishop’s hat is known as icariin (see on wiki), and it does inhibit PDE5 inhibitors. Besides suppressing negative effects of inhibitors, horny weed also increases testosterone levels in the male system.

What are the precautions of using horny weed?

Little, but still if you have high blood pressure and take anticoagulants, please see your doctor before taking the plant as a remedy. As the plant shrinks blood pressure down, like most ED treatments do, it is also recommended to see a doctor if you have low blood pressure.

Artichoke Extract

The flower buds of artichoke can serve as an excellent dietary supplement and a PDE5 inhibitor. They carry an active ingredient known as Luteolin, which can contribute greatly to male’s potency. Again, in the East, artichoke extract’s effects of human health have long been used due to the simple way the plants can be obtained and the extract can be made. Artichoke extract is a proven suppressor of PDE inhibitors, among them PDE5 and PDE4. While inhibiting PDE5 is a way to make nitric oxide to function properly and ensure an erection, PDE4 inhibiting may cause the feeling of nausea. So here is one adverse effect for you.

Known positive effects Luteolin brings also include inflammatory action and suppressing action of potentially cancerous cells. With large doses, artichoke extract helps transforming estrogen into testosterone as well. It will take quite a lot of amount of Artichoke extracts to see the effects, it works slower than horny weed, but it pays.

Coleus plant

Coleus plants are colorful plants that contain forskolin. The latter is known to be a great burner of fats in the human organism.

Besides, it is also akin to artichoke extract in suppressing PDE5 inhibitors. Forskolin aggressively affects aromatase, which is contained in fats and which is harmful to testosterone. When aromatase levels are lowered, testosterone keeps boosting.

Like with many plants, there is no evidence of harmful effects the consumption of coleus plant can bring.

Raw capers

Raw capers are rich in quercetin, which is well-established natural PDE5 inhibitor. While it is easy to consume a lot of raw capers, the dosage of quercetin you would need to properly enhance the blood levels streaming to your cavernous muscles is pretty high.

A man would need to eat 100g of raw capers, to get 235 mg of an active ingredient into your system. If you ever tried raw capers, you know that it is pretty salty, and that can be a hindrance. In our list, quercetin is perhaps the closest member of the plant family to sildenafil citrate. It also helps lowering the blood pressure in general.

Cassia cinnamon

All cinnamon types are present in almost every cuisine on the planet, but not many people know that cinnamons are excellent PDE5 inhibitors. Cassia cinnamon has been researched a lot due to the intensity of its active ingredients.

The studies on male rats showed that the smooth muscle levels have been dramatically increased after Cassia cinnamon was administered. The mammal’s male genitalia are made of smooth muscles. Cinnamons also help better functioning of the cardiovascular system overall.

Eurycoma longifolia

This plant is widespread in Malaysia, and natives know that consuming Eurycoma can help keeping male potency on high levels. It takes high doses of Eurycoma longifolia to reach the proper PDE5 inhibiting action, but it works perfectly. The plant has been subject of numerous researches and libido scores of the applicants has proven to be high.

Black ginger

Black ginger is a variation of ginger that makes Thailand where it is widespread another special Asian country. Black ginger works pretty much like sildenafil citrate or tadalafil, stopping the negative action on cGMP messengers, and making them unstoppably keep the blood flowing to the genitalia.

You should be careful with high amounts of black ginger, as the plant affects the heart rate. As long as you don’t have any heart complications in your medical history, it is safe and healthy to add black ginger to your food diet. Black ginger is usually available as an extract, the form it is recommended to take. The formula of an extract is one third of black ginger and the rest is starch.

Butea Superba

Like black ginger, butea superba is also the native of Thailand and is better known by its native name kwao krua daeng. Capsules of Butea Superba are advertised as boosters of sexual performance for both males and females. These magic capsules require 500 mg dosage taken daily to see the effect of the sexual performance of a user.

Ginkgo biloba

Famous Chinese invention gingko is one of the oldest known sexual drive-boosters used effectively with the members of royal Chinese families in the ancient Chinese history. Ginkgo biloba is manufactured, packaged and sold in form of a capsule, and is well-established way to increase the overall unobtrusive blood flow in the human organism, by enhancing nitric oxide production. Unlike many plants and herbs known to help men in their sexual performance, gingko has been observed scientifically and approved as an inhibitor of cAMP phosphodiesterase activity. See other information on Examine:

Ideas on combining diet and ED medications treatment

While erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra or Levitra are being widely prescribed nowadays as effective means to battle the disease, it is advisable to utilize a number of lifestyle changes combined with a healthy diet to create an everlasting effect on your sexual performance. You will see that proper diet and healthier lifestyle choices will help you not only increase the efficacy of ED treatments, but as some point get rid of medications altogether and go on with your natural resources.

Here we list some general ideas on improving your sexual performance with diet choices:

1. Use plant proteins

When choosing your diet, stick to plant proteins. While animal proteins can show faster results, when talking about healthy sex life, plants have an upper hand. They come without saturated fats which are abundant in animal proteins. Besides, bad cholesterol is produced at way lower amounts when energy comes from plants.

2. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Make sure to have from five to ten servings of either fruits or vegetables daily. Whatever species are available in the region you live, pick them and supply your system with antioxidants, polyphenols and fibers. Not to mention naturally supplied all sorts of vitamins and minerals.

3. Stick to green tea

Green tea, while containing a bit of caffeine, has also plenty of antioxidants in it. Besides, leaves that make green tea are rich in catechins, which are known to battle free radicals, supporting healthier blood flow. And sexual health is largely a healthy blood flow, as you know.

4. Pick right fats

In general, it is healthier to stick to a low –fat diet. Numerous studies have shown that a low fat nutrition, rich with proteins and carbohydrates, is the healthiest course on the way to a better sexual performance.

5. Be careful with alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol in itself can become a cause of erectile dysfunction. A glass of wine wouldn’t hurt and can even be helpful in the blood circulation. Wine is good to establish a proper sexual rapport with your partner. When combined with erectile dysfunction treatment pills, too much alcohol can not only diminish the effect of the pills, but can also increase the blood pressure to dangerous levels. It is better to leave drinking for other social occasions.

6. Don’t overdo coffee

While a bit of dark chocolate and coffee can help if you have hypotension, the excessive amount of caffeine affects the prostate while diminishing its healthy functioning. Caffeine is contained apart from black coffee in any chocolate, cola, and energy-boosting drinks.

List of foods helping enhance ED treatment pills:

  1. Pomegranate

A natural aphrodisiac, pomegranate is boosting the blood flow to your penis.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon makes arginine, which helps increasing overall nitric oxide production, resulting in the better blood flow overall.

  1. Green veggies

Green vegetables like cabbage leaves, spinach, and others, are reach in Vitamin E, which helps the overall energy levels, libido including.

  1. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds provide omega3 and zinc, and can be an excellent substitute if you don’t eat fish.

  1. Strawberries

These berries are reach in Vitamin C and are also known to improve the quality of one’s sperm.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and Vitamin B, helping you to perform better in bed.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are rich in Vitamin B3 and also in folic acids, helping to decrease your bad cholesterol levels and create a better blood flow into your genital area.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are abundant with healthy fats and can substitute animal fats. Besides, they are rich in Vitamins and folic acids, increasing the amount of testosterone in your body.

Consider making regular cocktails of these foods and consuming it while taking ED pills. You will soon see not only a better erection, but also significant increase in libido and the overall quality of your sexual performance.

Other lifestyle choices you want to stick to help achieving better sexual performance:

Besides a healthy diet, it is good to stick to non-diet methods of boosting the sexual performance while taking ED drugs. Remember, pills like Viagra would not work if your libido and desire are not there.

To better prepare yourself for productive sexual relationships, consider the following:

Aerobic and resistance exercises

Aerobic as well as resistance exercises are excellent means for keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and your muscle tone fit.

Apart from jogging and walking, consider resistance exercise such as pushing against weights, that will make all your muscles develop better stamina.


Kegel exercises involve pubococcygeus muscle (learn more), which we use when resisting urinating. Regular practicing of tighetning and relaxing this muscle in a long run can help maintaining an erection for longer time, as well as have more enjoyable ejaculation and steadier arousal.

Get more sleep

Healthy sleep is a necessary condition to keep men’s testosterone levels at their best. A sleep deprivation may be the sole cause of erectile dysfunction, as both these functions are regulated in the hypothalamus inside the human brain, and are tightly interconnected.

Watch your weight

Being overweight is synonymous with decrease in sexual performance. Try to lose a kilo or two and you will notice a better erection as well as overall healthier functioning of important systems, in particular, the cardiovascular system.

Avoid stress

Anxiety is a number one psychological cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Relax and enjoy your life.

Watch out constipation

Get rid of constipation and the symptoms accompanying it. Engage in stomach exercise, drink more water and utilize diet high in fibers. Your sexual performance will improve.

Be careful with activities involving perineal area

Riding a bicycle may not be the best choice of exercise if you are having difficulties in obtaining an erection. Any activity that involves perineal area diminishes the blood flow into that area, followed by complications in achieving an erection.

Kegel-Exercises-smart-canadian-pharmacyNatural Erectile Dysfunction treatments at Smart Canadian Pharmacy

Smart Canadian Pharmacy offers numerous options to treat erectile dysfunction in men with a help of natural remedies.

If you for some reason are wary of using chemically contrived medications, consider the following time-proven, mother Nature-originated meds:

Yagara, or Herbal Viagra

Yagara is a time-proven medication obtained from a variety of herbs that helps achieving an erection, increase one’s sexual drive, and improve one’s overall libido levels. Yagara contains Ashwagandha extract; Kavach Beej; Lata Karanj; Vidhara Beej, and a bunch of other herbs known to help with ED. Herbal Viagra is sold in capsules and is available in a variety of dosages. Get to know more about Yagara:


Speman is targeting low sperm production in men. With the help of Speman, you can boost your sperm motility and significantly improve a sperm volume. Speman contains Astercantha longifolia; Lactuca scariola; Mucna pruriens; Suvarnavanga and other natural ingredients.


VigRX (view) is a sexual performance enhancement made up with herbs known to have positive effect on male’s libido. VigRX helps achieving an erection and maintain it for a long period of time. It also makes the sexual experience more pleasurable. VigRX contains Epimedium Leaf Extract; Ginkgo Biloba Leaves; Cuscuta Seed Extract; Asian Red Ginseng, and a number of other all-natural components.


MaxMan (view) is an herbs-based medicine known to enhance male sexual performance, enlarging the size of male’s penis, and helping having nuanced and enjoyable orgasms. MaxMan is made of natural ingredients epimedium saggitatim; avena sativa; saw palmetto, guarana extract; l-taurine; l-arginine; maca; ginseng blend.


Himcolin is an all-natural ingredients medication designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It comes in a form of gel which is to be applied to the penis. Himcolin enhances vasodilation, helps keeping the steady blood flow to the genital area, and gives the overall more pleasurable and long-lasting sexual experience.

Tiger King

Tiger King is an herb-based treatment of erectile dysfunction that is based ginseng root and a bunch of other Chinese herbs. Tiger King not only helps dealing with erectile dysfunction, but also with premature ejaculation and various kidney deficiencies.

Tribuklus Power

Tribulus Power is based on herbs known to boost one’s testosterone levels. While it is good in using during one’s athletic exercises, it can also improve your sexual performance dramatically with a help of its main active ingredient Gokshura.


Maxocum is concocted from natural ingredients and designed to promote sperm’s motility. Maxocum also helps maintaining an erection for a long period of time.

The primal ingredients of Maxocum are chlorophytum arundenaceum; asparagus racemosus; withania somnifera.


Vimax (view) is a natural ingredients-based stamina booster. As such, it helps enhancing a sexual drive and prolong an erection. Vimax’s ingredients include Dodder seed; Saw Palmetto Powder; Gingko Biloba and other well-established natural ingredients.


Vitomanhills is widely used in Ayurveda practices to increase sexual potency in men, to help in achieving an erection, and to magnify male libido. Vitomanhills is sold in bottles and utilizes India-based time-proven ingredients: Ashwagandha; Rasayan; Balya; Krounchabeej, and Safed Musli.


Spertinex is a herbs-based medication designed to augment the production of sperm in the male organism and to heighten the sexual experience. Spertinex is made of asparagus derivatives, pureria, and other herbs.

Golden Root

Coming from China, Golden Root is made to amplify sensitivity and to uplift male’s libido. It is made of numerous components, all helpful in amplification of male’s libido. Ingredients include Rhodiola Rosea, Cynomorium Songaricum, Muira Pauma, Saw Palmetto, and many others.

Dragon Power

Dragon Power is another Chinese entry in our list that targets overall men’s sexual health. Among the benefits of using Dragon Power are augmented sexual libido, fostered sexual drive, raising the length of sexual performance, pushing the blood streams to the genital area. As a result of taking Dragon Power you will have much longer lasting sexual intercourses with more sensual, rich orgasms. Dragon Power is offered in packs of capsules, 3 caps per pack. The effects of each capsule can be observed for up to 72 hours.