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Pros and Cons of Digital (Online) Pharmacies

Pros and Cons of Digital (Online) Pharmacies

The digital revolution is changing the way people search, shop & buy. Online platforms facilitate the shifting of consumer behavior, they added to the emergence of customer journey mapping. Digital pharmacy is no longer a virtual sandbox. It is already disrupting the traditional brick & mortar pharmacies.

Digital pharmacies or e-pharmacies are websites that sell prescription drugs, including prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. They’ve grown in popularity as people have begun to look for ways to save money on their prescriptions. These pharmacies provide an alternative to traditional medicine stores and are growing in popularity.

Pharmaceutical Industry Change

Today, the global pharmaceutical distribution industry is dominated by a few hundred centralized wholesalers. These third-party distributors supply pharmacies with products they order from manufacturers. This industry has faced disruption in the past decade as many pharmacies have begun to see the benefits of going directly to manufacturers to source medications rather than dealing with the wholesalers. The trend has resulted in some smaller wholesalers being forced out of business because they do not have the resources to compete with larger, more established distributors.

Later, the healthcare industry has been the first to be disrupted by digitalization and e-commerce. In 2016, digital pharmacies have been launched in France, UK, Germany and the US. The main companies (Netmeds, Delivery Hero, Amazon) are all e-commerce players that have built their own logistic platform to deliver medicines.

There’s also a number of small online pharmacies delivering the meds right to your door. Are they good and safe enough or do they have to be replaced with something more effective?

Online Pharmacies Offer Affordability

Digital Pharmacies are changing the way people around the world are accessing their medications. The rise in the use of digital pharmacies is due to the surge in internet access and the increasing affordability of these services. Digital pharmacies offer convenience, ease of access and a reduced cost. The use of digital pharmacies is expected to rise as the technology behind them improves and becomes more affordable.

A digital pharmacy is an online operator that empowers patients to fill and refill prescriptions without making visits to their local pharmacist. Pills are delivered directly to the patient through a prescription management platform.

Advantages of Digital Pharmacies

Digital Pharmacies are the future. They offer consumers a new way of purchasing medicine. By focusing on the consumers’ needs, and providing a new way to shop, digital pharmacies bring the convenience needed to improve sales and reinforce the pharmacist’s role in health care.

  • The digital revolution has made it possible to connect medicine with the consumer.
  • The smart phone and tablet have become the personal shopping devices of choice for consumers.
  • Digital pharmacies see consumers buying their medicine at the time and place of their choice.
  • The pharmacist plays an important role as a source of health information and education.

What is a Digital Pharmacy?

A digital pharmacy is an online pharmacy which offers consumers the same services and inventory as a traditional pharmacy. They offer the same professional services — prescription drugs and medical devices, advice from pharmacists, etc.

Digitalized pharmacies are more flexible, efficient, and have better customer service. Consumers can find the right information about their chosen product anytime and anywhere.

Digitalized pharmacies can help transform pharmacies into a highly effective distribution channel for pharmaceutical companies, who are looking for ways to increase sales of their products.

The digitalized pharmacy concept offers a way for consumers to choose from a range of products, both online and offline.

Advantages of using e-prescribing software in a pharmacy include:

  • Cost savings;
  • Efficiency;
  • Improved patient safety.

All in all, more advantages than disadvantages. This is because despite the fact that the software may not work as planned, it still has a lot of advantages. If a system is not working properly it just needs to be fixed.

Disadvantages of Digital Pharmacies

Digital pharmacies are being used by many people with a range of needs, from chronic medications to online counseling and therapy. Not every digital pharmacy is created equal, though. Some have sloppy interface design, bad customer service and other issues that affect their usability, security and overall value.

The disadvantages of digital pharmacies arise from the same issues that plague traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. These include the cost of shipping and the potential for regulation that could limit the supply of medications. With digital pharmacies, these problems are exacerbated by a lack of transparency and unpredictable quality control. Also, some digital pharmacies have security issues or poor customer service that cause you to regret using them.

Here are the main disadvantages of digital pharmacies listed shortly:

  • Shipping cost;
  • Limited official medications;
  • Lack of transparency;
  • Unpredictable quality control.

Besides, digital pharmacies can be uncomfortable for the use of the elderly. Dealing with financial operations and online communication can be a trouble for many people over sixty and more.

Nevertheless, digital pharmacies are no different from their brick and mortar counterparts. They all make mistakes, but if you find the right digital pharmacy, you can get your medications without leaving home.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a digital pharmacy is to check if your insurance covers online consultation services and prescriptions. If not, then you won’t want to pay for a service that isn’t reimbursed by your insurer.

Make sure you know how to find the right digital pharmacy that suits your needs, so you can get exactly what you need.

Digital Online Pharmacies: Bottom Line

The verdict is out. The traditional pharmacies have to accept their fate and realize that is time for them to adjust themselves to the changing needs of the consumer. Is it time for them to shop around and look for better ways to serve their customers?

Digital pharmacies allow consumers to save time, spend less, and find the medicine they need. Pharmacies are no longer places to buy medicine, but also places where people can consult with a doctor or specialist at any time.

Digital pharmacies provide online and mobile access to pharmacy services, including prescription refills and drug information. Some also offer online counseling and therapy.

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