Our Quality Standards

Quality standards for drugstores are high in this country, no matter if it is bricks or clicks. At our pharmacy the consistency of products and services occupies central position. Smart Canadian Pharmacy makes a difference in the best way. The crew here has full realization of the fact that it is the quality of pit services that contribute to the small victories of your daily life, helping you to stay well-conditioned and speed up your recoveries. We will have you back on track before life has a chance to gain over you and pass you by. This is not going to happen when SCP is there to increase your grip.

So how do we ensure that our high standards remain met, day in, day out? We are proud to say that it is thanks to our outstandingly skilled personnel that we are able to pull it through and keep the quality consistent. And it is not only the pharmacy technicians that we place our bets with, though of course we approach hiring pharmacists with outmost scrupulousness. Smart Pharmacy hiring policies are painstakingly demanding in everything that concerns recruiting managers, e-store attendants, order dispatchers, IT personnel and logistics specialists. We are also extremely particular about team-building activities, for it is thanks to the clockwork style of operating our small business that enables us to attend to all of your orders with laudable accuracy.

Thanks to our well-trained, highly motivated and ethically well-versed staff members you feel a human touch that translates into customer-friendly services during each stage of ordering process. Whether it is receiving medical consultation from a qualified healthcare provider or simply inquiring after a product, getting help with tracking your order or negotiating an individual discount – customers of Smart Pharmacy deserve only the best, and that’s exactly what they get!