Smarter Shipping And Delivery Terms

Courier Services We Team Up With

We are proud to introduce our trusted partners in shipping, Express Courier and Regular Airmail. They were thoughtfully picked to match the high standard of services distributed by Smart Canadian Pharmacy. Mail-ordering pharmaceutical products is fraught with many underwater currents one should be very much adroit in so that to perform with accuracy and discretion that this type of goods impose. Whichever method of shipping you choose when placing an order with our company, you can depend on reliability, integrity and safety of the package delivery service.

Another important thing we took into consideration when choosing providers of shipping services for our customers is the rates. It is not an uncommon practice for participants of e-healthcare industry to overlook such essential detail as shipping charges; nevertheless, the entire purpose of shopping for drugs online can be defeated by unproportionately high delivery fees charged by the partner services. This will not happen when you place your order through Smart Canadian Pharmacy, because we choose smartly.

There are so many protocols to conform to when using parcel delivery services to send out pharmaceutical products. For instance, did you ever realize that the temperatures inside the envelope can excurse way past limits stipulated by safety instructions for drug storage, even though the ambient temperatures correspond to the requirements? In order to avoid those risks, a special type of packaging should be used. Or have you ever considered how confidential your health information can really be if the nature of the products shopped is displayed somewhere on the package? Smart Canadian Pharmacy shipping routine is put in place with all of those minor and yet vital details scrupulously considered.

Below you will find basic information about the shipping methods currently available to our customers, both in Canada and internationally. Take a moment to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Smarter Shipping





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Regular Airmail (Canada and overseas customers)

Your order will be shipped as airborne, which makes it a speedier alternative to surface delivery services. This shipping method provides a number of benefits, most prominent of which are reliability, swiftness and affordability. When you opt for this type of shipping, you can expect your order to come in within a matter of 3 weeks, but most commonly the estimated time of delivery is between 10-21 days. The cost of delivery by means of Regular Airmail is $15,00. You can rest assured that your order shipped with Regular Airmail service will arrive timely and safely in a discreetly labelled envelope that does not reflect the nature of the goods ordered or any other confidential information.

Express Courier (USA customers only)

The second shipping method offered at Smart Canadian Pharmacy is Express Courier. This method is preferred by those wanting an added layer of comfort and security. This delivery method is also less time-intensive, with just 8-14 days required for the order to ship in. The cost of Express Courier delivery is $25,00, and the range of extra services included into the package is proportionally larger.

Thus, orders sent with this shipping method will be trackable. You will also be able to change the delivery date by logging into your personal account with the service (for this you will need to create an account with the service at their website). There is also an option of having your parcel delivered straight to your door, or having it waiting for you at the post office. Home delivery means maximum convenience for you as a customer. Your packaged order is delivered all the way to your home. On the day of delivery, you will be notified via SMS or phone, and the shipment is traceable.

Express Courier
Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is available at the cost of $4.95, but it will save you a lot more money in case an unexpected event prevents the shipping courier from delivering your package, or the goods will be damaged during the shipping. In this event, Smart Canadian Pharmacy will take it upon itself to reimburse you in full, or reship the missing products at no additional cost for the customer. Read more about how to get a free shipping insurance when placing an order with our company – in the section below, alongside more frugal shopping tips.

Upgrade To Free Canadian Pharmacy Shipping

Did you know that you can get your Smart Canadian Pharmacy order delivered to you for free? That’s easy as pie when you plan your purchases in advance. If you accumulate an order that mounts up to $150,00, it will be sent to you using Regular Airmail services. The delivery fee is on us.

If your order subtotal sum comes up to $300,00, the package will be delivered to you by elevated-comfort Express Courier service – provided that you reside within the U.S.

Finally, for good measure, Smart Canadian Pharmacy will add a free insurance into the bargain for every order starting from $200,00.

We remind you that a four free sample Viagra pills (or 4 free sample Cialis pills, if such would be your choice) will be added to any order you place with Smart Canadian Pharmacy, regardless of the checkout amount. So are you ready to pack on gains accrued from shopping with our platform?

In Case Anything Goes Wrong

And of course, in case anything goes not the way it’s been planned with your shipping and delivery from Smart Canadian Pharmacy, we’ve got your back covered. Give us a call or drop us a line, make sure you enclose all the details about your order that matter and that will help us get back to you with the information sooner. Customer Support representatives of Smart Canadian Pharmacy will get in touch with you regarding the issue you are having with your shipping, and do their best in order to establish what went wrong and how it can be fixed.